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Uninor/Telenor USSD Codes List 2018 : Check Balance, Offers, Recharge

In the previous articles, we have given How to Check Uninor Number and How to Link Aadhaar to Uninor Number before 31st March 2018.

Today we are providing the complete list of Telenor/Uninor USSD codes applicable for the year 2018.

Recently a user sent a message us that ” Hi, I’m using Uninor SIM. I want Uninor USSD codes list. I have searched the web and I didn’t find. Can you provide me?

That is why today we have given these Telenor USSD codes.

Telenor is one of the telecom network operators in India which provides their services in six circles. Telenor is also called as Uninor.

So don’t confuse. Both Telenor and Uninor are same.

It is not a famous telecom network when compared to big telecom companies in India like Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone.

Because it is providing their services in six circles only. They are Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Andra Pradesh.

Uninor/Telenor is also planning to expand their services all over India.

Ok, Let’s come to the point.

Telenor USSD Codes List 2018

Complete List of Telenor USSD Codes in Daily Usage

With the help of Telenor USSD codes, you can check your sim balance, you can recharge your Telenor sim, you can check new offers, plans and you can also activate or deactivate any service on your sim.

Sometimes this Telenor/Uninor mobile network is willingly activated some stupid services on your sim. By using these USSD codes, you can immediately deactivate them.

So you understood the importance of USSD codes.

Telenor Balance Check Codes

USSD Detail  Short Code
Telenor Main Account balance check ussd codes *121*1*1#
Telenor Balance and Validity Check Code  *222*2#
Telenor Own mobile number check codes  *222*4#
Telenor Balance Transfer ussd code  No balance transfer facility  
Telenor Credit loan ussd code  *141#
Telenor Best Offer Check Code  *234# 
Activate Telenor VAS Services 777
DeActivate Telenor VAS Services  155223
Telenor (Customer Care) General Queries and Requests  121
Telenor Customer Complaint helpline number  198

Telenor Offers Check, VAS Services, Missed Call Alert Services USSD Codes

USSD Detail  Short Code
Telenor Best Offer Check ussd codes *234#
Activate Telenor Missed Call Alert ‘MCA’ Service *505#
Deactivate Telenor  Missed Call Alert ‘MCA’ Service *506#
Telenor Loan USSD Code *141#
Telenor Main account Balance Transfer No balance Transfer Service
Telenor VAS Services USSD Code *777#
Telenor (Voice Services) Activation & de-activation  *335#
Telenor MMS Setting Code *355#
Telenor Best Offer Check Code *363#
Telenor (Main Menu) Self Help (Customer Care) *121#
Telenor Main Account balance check ussd codes *121*1*1#

Uninor Balance Check, Own Number Check USSD Codes

USSD Detail  Short Code
Telenor balance check ussd codes *121*1*1#
Telenor Balance and Validity Check Code  *222*2#
Telenor Find Know Check Telenor mobile number  *222*4#
Telenor Best Latest Offer Check Code  *234# or you can check Best offer manually
Telenor Recharge USSD by Coupon  *123*16-Digit Pin code#
Check your Telenor Balance and validity  *123#
Telenor main menu check code  *121#
To know Telenor latest offer  *555#
Telenor customer care number  121
Telenor complain and customer care number  198
Start Telenor DND Service send message SMS START  To 1901
Reactivation/activation of any Telenor Vas services  Dial 777
Stop your Telenor VAS subscription  Just Send SMS STOP (toll-free) to 155223 and select the service you wish to deactivate
Deactivate VAS service by Call  call 155223 (toll-free),
Telenor mobile balance check code *121# or *121*1*1#
To know Telenor current scheme & tariffs toll-free numbers 50001 or 121
Telenor internet balance check ussd code  
Activate Telenor DND Service send an SMS START to 1909
Deactivate Telenor DND Service send an SMS STOP to 1909 – You can check more detail Telenor DND services from here.
Activate Telenor Caller Tune  Please dial 777 (toll-free no.) or 121 (toll-free)
Deactivate Telenor Caller Tune Please dial 777 (toll-free no.) or 121 (toll-free)
Telenor best top-up recharge offer
Telenor Special Tariff Vouchers
Telenor best special offer of your number

All VAS Services USSD Codes List in Telenor/Uninor

*171# Telenor Mobigossip (Vas)
*51969# Telenor  Dept Of Information Technology (Cvc)
*99# Telenor  Departmental Of Financial Services
*808*0 To *Xxx# Telenor  On-Deck On Mobile
 *560*1# To *560*999# Telenor  On-Deck For Twitter
*627# Telenor  Manchala Prem – Service Activation
*628# Ms. Riya – Service Activation
*143# Telenor My Feelings (My Vas)
*166# Telenor Dept Of It For M-Governance
*201# Talk Time Transfer
*202# Talk Time Transfer
*223# Comviva Name Tunes
*288*”X”# To *288*”Xxx”# Telenor Hungama Ringtone Portal –  Browsing & Ringtone Download
*315*”X”# To *315*”Xxx”# Worldphone –  Live Astrology Service Activation
*321# Vas Content (Onmobile)
*325# FaceBook Application
*327# Hungama (Devotional  Portal) – Direct Deactivation
*350# Telenor S&D Menu
*365*”X”# To *365*”Xxx”# Worldphone –  Live Astrology Service Activation
*444# Hungama (Mod)
*503# On-Deck Cricket Portal – One97
*510*1# Friends Chat  – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*2# Live Astrology – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*3# Job Hunt Service – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*4# Matrimony Service – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*5# Devotional Service – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*6# Mobile Jockey Service – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*7# National Contest – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*510*8# Regional Contest – Deactivation (Bol India Bol)
*511# Friends Chat  – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*512# Live Astrology – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*513# Job Hunt Service – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*514# Matrimony Service – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*515# Devotional Service – Activation (Bol India Bol) U Topia Twitter
*516# Mobile Jockey Service – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*517# National Contest – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*518# Regional Contest – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*519# Hungama Store 1
*522 Mod Hungama
*526# Hungama (Ringtone Portal)
*527# Hungama (Devotional  Portal)
*530 On-Deck Cricket Portal – One97
*541 Canvas M
*567# Cellebrum On Deck
*606# Techzone IVR Subscription   – Activation & Deactivation
*629 India Games
*630 Techzone
*631 Hungama
*666*1# To *666*999# On-Deck Spice Digital
*717*Xxx# Social IVR  – Activation Mobigossip
*786# Onmobile Devotional
*789# Boungiorno  Ondeck
*888 Onmobile (Text Services)
*888*1# To *888*999# On-Deck Spice Digital
*999# Vas Content (Hungama)
108# Ver Se’ Innovation Mother Portal
*694*”X”# O *694*”Xxx”# Shotformats
*646 Hungama Wap Services
*911*”X” To “Xxx”# Caller Tunes – Service Activation, Deativation Onmobile
*922*”X” To “Xxx”# My Chat – Service Activation, Deactivation Altruist
*933*”X” To “Xxx”# My Music – Service Activation, Deactivation Hungama
*102*”X”# To *102*”Xxx”# Bhakti Dham – Service Activation & Deactivation  Zetta Mobile
*710# Ussd Activation – Caller Tune Retail Packcomviva  / Onmobile
*720# Ussd Activation – Caller Tune Retail Pack
*730# Ussd Activation – Music Unlimited Retail Pack
*599″X”# To *599″Xxx”# Live Aarti – Service Activation & Deactivationsiesta Communication
*588″X”# To *588″Xxx”# Bidding Mania – Service Activation & Deactivationnaysa
*890 Ussd Activation – Tollywood Regional Portal ( Vas India)
*983*X# To *983*Xxx# Radio Mirchi – IVR Services (Techzone) (Activation / Deactivation)
577*X# To *577*Xxx# Facebook On IVR – Service Activation / Deactivation (Srrs)
*889# House Of Model Srs
*997 Symbiotic Wap
*103# Voice (Astro & News Product) – Ap Circle
*345# Devotional Service – Activation (Bol India Bol)
*525# Worldphone  – Astrology Services

I hope with the help of these USSD codes, you can check your balance, own number, offers, activate and deactivate value-added services. You can also recharge your mobile.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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