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How to Transfer Balance From Idea to Idea Sim (Simple Steps)

Do you want to transfer the balance from your Idea sim to your friends or family members Idea sim?

That’s why you are on this page. Do you know, It is very easy to transfer the balance from Idea to Idea.

Idea is one of the largest telecom service providers in India like Airtel and BSNL.

We want to make an urgent call to our boss, friend, lover or a family member. When we called to their number, we will hear a message that ” You are in low balance. Please recharge your number “.   🙁

If any recharge shop is near to you then it’s ok.

What will you do when any recharge shop is not near to you. This is the worst situation.

For this, Idea is providing two facilities for their users. One is Idea Balance Transfer and another one is Idea credit loan.

Today we are discussing these two things.

Let’s start.

How to Transfer Balance from Idea to Idea

Idea to Idea Balance Transfer

With the help of this service, the Idea customers whoever living in India can transfer the balance from Idea to Idea.

So you can transfer your balance to your friends and family members who are in need.

Or you can also get the balance from your friends and family members.

Note that the transfer of balance can be done only if both the mobile numbers i.e. sender and receiver should be on the same mobile network.

We can transfer balance in Idea prepaid mobile to other Idea mobile user only and we can not transfer our Idea mobile balance to other mobile networks like Airtel, Docomo, Uninor, and Vodafone.

To transfer balance Idea to Idea, you need to apply Idea USSD code.

  • Open Phone Dialer.
  • Dial *151* local idea number to which you are transferring amount*Amount you are transfering#

Example:  *151*9848012345*10#

Now You will get a message with notification that the amount was transferred.

Alternate Method:

  • Dial *567*<Receiver’s Mobile Number>*<Amount>#
  • In <Amount>put how much Balance you want to Transfer.
  • In <Receiver’s Mobile Number> to whom you want to Transfer.

Example:  *567*9848012345*10#

Earn 10 Rs By Installing True Balance App Link

  • Download True Balance App and Verify your Mobile Number.
  • You will Credit 10 Rs Immediately after Successful Signup.
  • You will also Get 10 Rs Each Time When you Refer your Friend.
  • With this App, you can also check your Sim Balance, New Offers and Many More.


Conditions to Transfer Balance from Idea to Idea

  • Transfer amount must be in the range of Rs. 5, 10, 20.
  • You can Send or Receive amount up to 3 times a day
  • The sender should be an active customer of Idea network for at least 90 days while the receiver is required to have idea number for at least 30 days.
  • Charges: Rs 1 or Rs 2 or Rs 3 per transaction as per your sending amount.

Does Balance Transfer has service charges?

Yes, its cost some small amount of money to transfer your balance and it is charged for service charges.

How to Transfer Money From Idea to Idea through My Idea App

By following these steps you can transfer Idea balance.

  • Download MyIdea App.
  • Now Sign up an account with Idea number and login.
  • Now Select Shop menu and Choose Share everything option.
  • Now add the beneficiary and share talk time.

Idea Balance Transfer Code Number

Did you successfully share talktime from your Idea to your friends or family members Idea mobile?

If not, then let me know in the comments section about your problem. I will try to help you.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are using Idea network.

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  1. In my idea app …I add a beneficiary account and save it. But I donot have to share talktime to beneficiary account …. That time idea app shows this….plz help

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  2. In my idea app, I added a beneficiary number and saved it. But I have enough money to share to beneficiary number, but the app shows “”Alert– Oops! Something went wrong, we will look into promptly, (FTPS102) ‘

    Please assist

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