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How to Know My Number | Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, Idea, Jio, Vodafone

So, you want to check your own mobile number.

Sometimes we are in a situation that we forget our own mobile number.

Whenever we get a new SIM, it takes a few days to memorize our own mobile number.

For example, these days, everyone one using Jio sim in their second slot.

But 90% of the people don’t know their Jio number.

I think you have faced this situation that when you ask your friend ” tell me your Jio number ” and he told you that, ” He doesn’t know “.

We can simply call our friends or relatives to know our mobile number.

If you have the balance to make calls, then it’s fine.

What will you do if you don’t have balance in your SIM card?

Do you know USSD Codes?

With the help of USSD codes, you can check your own mobile number.

So, today we are discussing with zero balance, how to check your mobile number of any telecom operator like Airtel, BSNL, Tata Docomo, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, Telenor, Reliance, Jio without any charges by using simple USSD codes.

We have tested these USSD codes.

These are all working.

You just need to open your phone dialer and apply these USSD codes according to your SIM card. This is completely free of charge.

There are different USSD codes for different mobile operators.

Let’s check them.

Check Own Phone Number in All Mobile Networks

How to Know Airtel Number

So many people are searching in the Google that ” My Airtel Number Check “. If you are one of those people then dial *121*1# or *121*9# to check your Airtel mobile number.

Alternate USSD codes to check Airtel Number:


How to Know Idea Number

If you want to check your Idea number without balance in your SIM card, then dial this USSD code in your phone to get your own number : *111*2#

Alternate USSD codes to check Idea Number:


How to Check Aircel Number

You need to dial these short USSD codes to check your Aircel number : *133# OR *234*4#

Alternate USSD codes to check Aircel Number:


How to Check Mobile Number in BSNL

If you have zero balance then it’s hard to find your mobile number. You can’t make a call to your friend to know your mobile number. But, don’t worry.

Here is the USSD code to check your BSNL number : *222#

How to Check Vodafone Number

To find out my Vodafone phone number, you should dial the Vodafone USSD code *111*2#. By dialing this code, you can get your mobile number without any charges.

Alternate USSD codes to check Vodafone Number:


How to Know My Jio Phone Number

There is no USSD code for your Jio mobile number. If you want to know your Jio phone number then you need to install My Jio app from play store.

  • Install My Jio app.
  • Open My Jio app and sign in with your Jio number
  • After successful login, you will see your Jio number at the top of the screen.

Note: Open Jio app when your Jio mobile data is on active.

How to Know MTNL Mobile Number

If you want to check your MTNL mobile number in your prepaid or postpaid, then apply this USSD code *8888#.

Reliance Number Check USSD Code

To know your Reliance prepaid or postpaid mobile number, apply this simple code *1#.

Alternate USSD codes to check Reliance Number:


Check Tata Docomo Number

*580# is the code you should apply to get your Tata Docomo mobile number.

Alternate USSD codes to check Docomo Number:


Check Telenor/Uninor Phone Number

If you are Telenor/Uninor prepaid or postpaid user and want to check your mobile number with zero or nill balance then apply this USSD code *555#

How to Check Videocon Mobile Number

To check your Videocon phone number enter *1# on your dial pad. Then your number will be displayed on your mobile screen.

Complete List of USSD Codes to Check our own Mobile Number in All Network Operators

Mobile Network Operator  USSD Code
Airtel *121*1# or *121*9#
Vodafone  *111*2#
Idea *131*1#
Reliance *1#
BSNL *222#
Aircel *133# OR *234*4#
Telenor/Uninor *222*4#

No ussd code to check Jio mobile number. You can use My jio app to Find Jio mobile number.

MTNL *8888#
MTS *121# or Call on 1288
Videocon  *1#
Tata Docomo *580#

Did you find your mobile number successfully?

If not, then let me know in the comments section. I will try to help you.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family who frequently forget their phone number.

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